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Velux loft conversions

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Velux loft conversions in London

VELUX loft conversions, which usually include installing VELUX windows on the roof, come at a very reasonable price and are usually not subject to planning permission. Planning permission is not required for homes that are not in conservation areas even if there is a groundbreaking Velux Cabrio balcony system installed, but this requires sufficient loft head height.

Those with low head height in their loft may need to build dormers which are small flat-roofed extensions with a window. The costs tend to be higher and a permit is required.

Velux loft conversions allow you to create extra living space in your house without having to change the roof or house layout. They are suitable for nearly any kind of building.

Contact us today and we can discuss your options and provide a free, no-obligation quote for you if you are considering a Velux loft conversion.

What is a Velux Loft Conversions?

Velux loft conversions are also known as skylight loft conversions. As one of the easiest loft conversions to construct, they are perhaps the most cost-effective option.

Skylight loft conversions can be a great way to add an extra room to your home if you already have enough space in your loft, and generally (this is not the case in all cases) you won’t need planning permission.

It’s important to note that since a loft conversion only makes use of existing space without expanding further, it can turn out to be less open and flexible. However,  they are priced far lower, they are usually less time-consuming, which is a huge bonus for some.

Special Types of Velux Windows

Velux Sun Tunnel

Velux sun tunnels are a kind of skylight, built into a pitched roof, that brings natural light into spaces that are normally dark, such as corridors, stairwells, bathrooms, and wardrobes.  Normally, this kind of window would be installed only if Velux roof windows are not available.  They feature an attached flexible tunnel that can be positioned to redirect sunlight to another area of your house.

Velux Balcony Cabrio Window

If you are on a budget but want to have a balcony, then these types of windows are perfect.  As the name implies, these are Velux windows that also act as a balcony for Velux loft conversions.

Velux Loft Conversion Advantages

  • Velux loft conversions do not require planning permission.  Because the roof structure will not change, the dimensions will remain the same.
  • These types of loft conversions are the most affordable.
  • The Velux loft conversion process is incredibly quick.
  • You can combine Velux windows with standard casement ones if you wish to alter the shape of the roof.

Disadvantages of a Velux Conversion

  • It is not possible to make much use of the space in Velux loft conversions, even though the conversions are low-cost.  If such a conversion is on your radar, then you’ll need to consider how much space the staircase will consume.

Velux Conversion requirements

Are you looking to get a Velux Loft Conversion to increase the value and aesthetics of your home? We offer Velux conversion services at the most competitive price and with the best quality available. Velux roof lights are unique to these lofts because they are installed into the pitch of the roof, allowing for more sunlight in the loft while also enhancing its aesthetic value. Alternatively, you can benefit from the advantages of a new room without expanding the roof. Call us today for a Velux conversion to transform your loft into a bright, spacious room.

Planning permission

As long as the roof structure remains the same, Velux loft conversion does not require planning permission. The only exceptions are if you live in a conservation or heritage area, or if you live in a flat. You can contact our team at Buildify ltd for free advice, to guide you through the planning process, or to make sure your project is compliant with building regulations.

Velux Lofthead Height

For this type of loft conversion, you’ll need a minimum height of 2.3m. You may be better off with a dormer, hip to gable, or mansard conversion if you lack this much height.

As one of the UK’s leading loft conversion companies, Buildify ltd has built its reputation on quality and innovation. Using our full design and build services, we can give your loft new life, making it a gorgeous new living space that fits your needs and your property. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Velux Loft Conversion cost

Starting at £21,000-63,000 plus VAT, Velux Loft Conversions are relatively affordable; however, the price of the project will depend on the number of windows and the size of the roof. Our fully qualified surveyors will schedule a visit to your property to provide you with an accurate Velux loft conversion cost quote. Our team will discuss in detail your needs and take measurements. Contact us today for a free quote.

Please contact us to arrange a visit and the team will be happy to discuss your Velux loft conversion price. If you would like a quote, please call.

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