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Flat Refurbishments, Loft Conversions and Property Renovations in St Giles, West London

We are one of the most experienced and high-quality construction firms in central London. We provide a hassle-free, fully transparent service that delivers your high-end project on time and on budget.

Apartment renovation St Giles WC2
Apartment renovation St Giles WC2

Apartment extension St Giles WC2
Apartment extension St Giles WC2
Bathroom renovation St Giles WC2
Bathroom renovation St Giles WC2

Property refurbishment St Giles WC2
Property refurbishment St Giles WC2

The construction industry’s modern strategy is to provide a comprehensive service that includes all design and construction parts of a project. It is our recommended model for serving both commercial and residential customers.

We can offer you with anything you need, from the design stage through the final sign-off of the construction, as part of our all-inclusive service. Our service covers all of the tools you’ll need to create your project, including architectural drawings, guidance through the Building Regulation and Planning Permission processes, and structural engineering expertise.

Our professional and experienced builders will bring your ideas into reality, and our project managers will make sure everything goes according to plan.

Buildify is a building company situated in London that specialises in property extensions, loft conversions, flat refurbishment, and property management services.

For Loft conversions, Basement conversions, House Extensions, and Kitchen Extensions, we offer ‘end-to-end’ design and build services.

Our custom Design & Build service includes everything from planning to design and finish.

We can keep everything under one roof by offering every service from start to finish, from initial consultation to survey and design to planning permission and building regulations approval, so you always know where you stand and what the next step is.

Why Choose Us

We provide value to your project. With over ten years of experience in providing high-quality construction services in London, we can assure you that your vision will be realised, engineered to perfection, and delivered on-time, on-budget, and without defects. You can rest easy knowing that:

• Accurate, fixed-price quote and detailed cost breakdown at the outset – no spiralling costs and no surprises!

• Structural expertise at all stages of construction

• High quality construction and finishes from skilled designers, construction experts and specialist craftsmen

• Full transparency and communication throughout the project by a dedicated project manager.

Buildify is recognized with timely completion of new construction and renovation projects in St Giles WC2, West London. In the residential, commercial, hotel, and leisure areas, we want to be the contractor of choice. We approach our work with honesty and integrity, and we embrace the chance to create places and spaces that have a positive, long-term impact.

Free a No Obligation Site Visit / Consultation

The first step will be to schedule a free, no-obligation site visit at your home to analyse your project’s vision, concepts, and budget. Before we begin working on your project, we will address all of your important questions at the meeting.

We recognise that our clients require some time to select what works best for them, particularly during the early stages of project design and planning. This ensures that all possibilities are evaluated and the benefits and drawbacks are balanced. Our goal is for your remodelled home to not only look great, but also to be built to last, making it a good investment for years to come.

Feasibility Study

Our in-depth Feasibility Study will show you how much room you can save and create, as well as how it will fit into your current home. It includes:

• Architectural scale drawings – so you can visualise your project in advance

• Itemised material costing – which allows you to see you if material costs fits with your current budget.

• Building Planning details of how long your renovation, remodelling, conversion and extension project will take to deliver.

• A final rundown of how we will manage the whole process for you from start to finish

Health and Safety on every stage

On every job site where we work, health and safety is essential, as it affects not only our employees, but also everyone else in the area, including you, your neighbours, and even passers-by. Because of the nature of our work, there is always the possibility of injury or death, as ladders, tools, and other materials might be dangerous.

Kitchen extensions, in particular, are technically complex and can offer a variety of concerns, with a substantial percentage of these projects in London failing safety inspections on a regular basis. As a result, our employees have received extensive training and will always adhere to all relevant Health and Safety rules and issues.

Site Management

Your project manager is always on-site to ensure the quality of the construction work on a day-to-day basis.

The Project Manager is always on-site to ensure the quality of the construction work on a day-to-day basis.

Our comprehensive and user-friendly project management service focuses on site visits, consultations, project estimations, and precise building work planning to ensure a set price on each project.

Your Project Manager will gladly make changes to the construction process on your behalf, ensuring that the process remains adaptable and runs smoothly.

Health & Safety

Every project delivered by Buildify Renovation is overseen by a Project Manager who provides a safe working environment.

Every project at Buildify Renovation is overseen by a Project Manager who assures site safety. Any project must operate in a safe environment. Buildify Renovation Design & Build is a full-service loft conversion, property refurbishment, house and kitchen extension firm that follows all building, design, and management codes.

We construct in line with design considerations as well as all applicable health and safety standards in order to maintain safe working processes and practises while paying close attention to monitoring and supervision.

Building Control Liaison

Across all sectors, our comprehensive approach to building control provides a competent, quick, and straightforward service.

Across all sectors, our comprehensive approach to building control provides a straightforward, competent, and timely service.

For all sorts of residential projects, we provide specialised Building Control approval services. We can construct viable and safe buildings because of our quick and responsive technological knowledge. We are here to help you with all Building Regulation processes, and our extensive understanding of the property business allows us to give a one-of-a-kind service.

Property remodelling, house and kitchen extensions, loft conversions, basement conversions, and internal renovations are all covered by our Building Control service in the residential sector.

Structural Planning

We are your neighbourhood design and construction firm. Engineers on our team have years of experience ensuring that projects are built to safety requirements.

Our team of civil and structural engineers will next ensure that the project is planned to the relevant safety standards, and that it is completed on time and on budget. Buildify will handle all Party Wall problems from beginning to end, consulting with all neighbours to avoid any structural damage to property.

The Act aims to prevent or reduce conflicts by requiring property owners to notify their neighbours in advance of certain proposed works. In the event that a neighbouring owner raises concerns about a proposed building project in the West London (i.e. St Giles WC2, West London) area, a Buildify Surveyor will evaluate when and how the work should be carried out in accordance with the Act.

Buildify Ltd is a home remodelling company that has worked in Wandsworth, Kingston, Richmond, Kensington & Chelsea, and other regions of South West and West London.

Hundreds of households in London have benefited from our Design & Build services. Our unwavering commitment to client happiness, quality assurance, superior service, and long-term value are among these advantages. Our customers know that we deliver high-quality home extension, remodelling, and building services.

In London’s current financial situation, a house addition is not only a fantastic method to enlarge your living space, but also a means to obtain that amazing fresh home feel without the trouble or cost of moving out and buying a new property.

Because, after all, every home is a personal and private space, with each homeowner having different preferences when it comes to the properties of both its interior and exterior, Buildify has a level of expertise that you can trust and will accommodate your vision when it comes to building your house extension.

Buildify creates extensions all around London and has successfully transformed a large number of residences to a professional level. Buildify’s beautiful work may be seen on the Buildify Ltd website, and it might just be the spark of inspiration you’ve been seeking for.

Home extensions can do a lot more than just make a house bigger; they can completely open up a space, allowing for the amazing effect of natural light, they may give character and style to a tired-looking space, and they can add a lot of value to your home. If you know you want to expand your current living area but aren’t sure how or what you need to do, you can look at the Simply website for examples of the various sorts of extensions they offer.

Side return extensions, wraparound extensions, rear extensions, and kitchen expansions are all common sorts of restorations that Buildify efficiently executes. Buildify will work with you to design your perfect environment, with a number of design ideas also available on their website if you have a concept in mind that may seem a little out of the norm.

Loft Conversion in St Giles, West London

Do you want extra space in your house?

Are you looking for a Loft Conversion in St Giles WC2, West London? Throughout London, we specialise in high-quality custom Loft Conversions. Since our beginning, we have solely relied on word of mouth to bring us work through referrals from previous loft conversions. We have the knowledge and experience required to ensure that your loft conversion is finished to the highest standard as an experienced Loft Conversion Company. We provide a free initial consultation and no-obligation price for Loft Conversion in St Giles WC2, West London. Please contact us so that we can assist you in making your dream loft conversion a reality. Loft conversions in St Giles WC2, West London are not only an excellent way to raise the value of your home, but they also come with a number of other benefits. You may transform your attic into a luxurious new place for you and your family, such as a new bedroom, bathroom, or office. Loft Conversion in St Giles WC2, West London carries out a wide range of plans and builds loft conversions, transforming them into magnificent living spaces. Space is usually an issue in St Giles WC2, West London, especially for an expanding family that cannot afford a larger home. We come in and assist you with making that extra space in your home your own.

Hassle-Free Loft Conversion in St Giles WC2, West London

It is our top priority to take as much stress out of your St Giles WC2, West London loft conversion as possible. We make every effort to ensure that you are not disturbed and that noise is kept to a minimum. We’ll schedule our construction hours around your work schedule and use scaffolding to transport all of the necessary materials and equipment. Even if entering your home is inevitable, we will take all necessary safety and preventive measures to preserve your flooring, walls, and furnishings. We can handle the entire procedure, from design to construction to obtaining building permits from the appropriate authorities. If you have your own ideas or drawings, we can follow them and build to your specifications.

We will assign you a site manager who will be available to answer any questions you may have. One of our supervisors will meet with you to go over all of your needs and take measurements for your loft conversion. You are free to ask any inquiries at that time. Following that, based on the details discussed, we will produce an economical loft conversion plan for your project.

Ready to Start your Loft Conversion in St Giles WC2, West London?

If you already know what type of loft conversion you require, please contact us for a free site survey so that we may begin planning your custom loft conversion. We service London and the Greater London area. You may see our loft conversion planning process to get a sense of the steps involved from beginning to end. You might be wondering, “How much does a loft conversion cost?” What storage choices do I have for my loft? We will answer all of your questions and provide you with the best possible quote for your loft conversion in St Giles WC2, West London. If you like what you see and think we’re trustworthy, send us an email with your name, address, and a brief description of what you want done, and we’ll come down to assess your property at your convenience. We’ll provide you an inexpensive quote for your loft conversion, and once you’re satisfied, we’ll get started. That’s all there is to it.

House Refurbishment in St Giles WC2, West London

Quality & Affordable Refurbishment London

We have a team of talented and experienced craftsmen and construction specialists in your region who can help you with a variety of property improvement projects with a creative eye for detail.

Our trustworthy and affordable service includes:

  • Full Home Refurbishment and Renovation
  • Flat Refurbishment and Renovation
  • Refurbishment Projects of all Sizes Taken On
  • Commercial Property Refurbishment and Renovation
  • Bathroom Renovation


A home improvement might increase your property’s market value in St Giles WC2, West London. Changing the existing plan, for example, can result in the addition of bedrooms, an en-suite bathroom, a larger kitchen, or more living space. This results in a more comfortable living area and a more appealing property to potential purchasers. Even if you want to rent out your home, a renovation can allow you to charge a higher weekly cost.


Renovations that incorporate new insulation materials, windows, or a boiler can drastically cut house maintenance and operating costs. Smart technology can also be installed in your home, such as temperature and light sensors, as well as controls. You may use your voice to dim the lights or roll the blinds by using a smart home device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. You may use smart faucet technology to start filling your bath before you get home from work. Dimmers and LED strips can be used to update your lights, and you can even install speakers for music and other purposes.


When upgrading your London property, the materials you choose and the quality of the installation can make a great difference. Exclusive access to high-quality finishes supplied directly from Italian manufacturers will be provided to our clients. Our kitchens, in particular, and porcelain tiles, in particular, may offer a remodelled property a luxurious sense at a very low cost.

Types of house renovations


Aside from building a new kitchen, a kitchen remodel might include a variety of changes. For example, to construct a larger kitchen, you would want to eliminate an internal wall. Wiring and plumbing work are required when installing new appliances or rearranging existing ones. It’s also possible that new lighting will be required. If you’re extending your home to make room for a larger kitchen, kitchen renovation may be included.


If you’re renovating a bathroom, you might wish to rearrange all of the fixtures and install new sanitary ware. This will necessitate new plumbing modifications. When renovating a bathroom, tiling and lighting are nearly typically updated, with specialised professionals participating. Adding an ensuite bathroom to the master bedroom or extending a ground floor toilet are common bathroom additions made during home renovations.


Renovations to the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as new flooring, heating, wiring, and plumbing, and a new boiler, can all be included in a comprehensive house remodel. It frequently includes the installation of new windows and doors, as well as the plastering and painting of internal and external walls. It’s possible that new ceilings will be included as well.


A renovation of a home can be planned as part of a larger expansion project. You’ll need a house makeover if you wish to add a basement or loft conversion, a rear or side expansion, or all of them to your home. When you make big changes to your home, the regions that haven’t been restored may appear unappealing in comparison to the newly constructed areas. Plus, if a construction company is already working on an extension or conversion at your house, a makeover is time and cost efficient. For further information, see our sections on basement conversion, loft conversion, and house expansion.

Contact Us

House extensions and Loft Conversions are a fantastic opportunity to turn underused and undesired rooms in and around your house into truly beautiful living areas for you and your family. Do you have any additional questions about our house extension services, or are you considering a loft conversion? Please contact us right away for a free, no-obligation feasibility survey and quote. Email us for further information. Follow us on Instagram.

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