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House Extensions, Loft Conversions, Property Renovations and Management services in North Watford

We’re a London-based design firm with offices all across the UK that specialises in elegant custom loft conversion and home extension plans and drawings. Our team of expert surveyors and designers has over 10 years of experience designing one-of-a-kind loft conversions and home expansions throughout the United Kingdom. We specialise in creating beautiful, inexpensive, functional, and modern spaces.

House extension North Watford WD24
House extension North Watford WD24

Kitchen renovation North Watford WD24
Kitchen renovation North Watford WD24
Home refurbishment North Watford WD24
Home refurbishment North Watford WD24

Loft Conversion North Watford WD24
Loft Conversion North Watford WD24

We take pleasure in our original and bespoke home and loft expansion ideas, as well as our creative design solutions. Our designers recognise the importance of a modern approach that not only complements but also enhances your existing property, and we strive to achieve this in every project we create.

  • Brickwork
  • Bathroom Refurbishments
  • Loft Conversions
  • Plastering
  • Tiling
  • Kitchen Refurbishments
  • Painting and Decorating

House Extensions in North Watford

North Watford remains faithful to its magnificence, from its epic multiculturalism to exclusive private schools, recognised colleges, and rich properties. For ages, it has enticed individuals from all over the world with the promise of a more ambitious and better life in the United Kingdom. Property owners value every square foot in this metropolis, and even a small increase can make a significant difference. House extensions North Watford and restyle your property using the most practical remodelling methods to add more dwelling space. Each house can expand its proportions with an available garden area to create unique places that will not only meet your needs but will also be aesthetically pleasing.

Double-story house extensionRear House ExtensionSide Return House ExtensionWraparound Extension
Double Storey house ExtensionRear House ExtensionSide Return House ExtensionWrap Around Extension
Budget per square metre: £950–£1,450Budget per square metre: £750–£1,250Budget per sqm £1,350 – £1,650Budget per square metre: £1,750
Mid-range per sqm: £1,550–£1,750Mid-range per sqm: £1,250–£1,550Mid-range per sqm: £1,450–£1,850Mid-range per sqm: £2,250
Luxury per sqm: £2,050–£3,750Luxury per sqm m: £2,000–£3,750Luxury per sqm m: £1,850–£2,250Luxury per square metre: £2,650
Duration: 10 to 14 weeksDuration: 7 to 12 weeksDuration: 8 to 10 weeks Duration: 12 to 18 weeks
Types of House Extensions (It’s crucial to note that the expenses listed here are only for the construction of the extension’s shell; they do not include the cost of any fixtures or fittings.)

Each house can increase its proportions by using available garden space to create unique places that will not only better serve your requirements but also increase the value of your property. Extensions assist London’s historic buildings and dwellings, particularly when the expense of relocating is prohibitive. It’s also an opportunity to update your historic home with a contemporary approach to comfort, elegance, and multi-functionality.

Home Refurbishment in North Watford, WD24

We can renovate your property and upgrade the features to make it feel fresh again as house refurbishing specialists in North Watford.
Many people consider home renovations when they want to improve their surroundings and create a more pleasant living area.
We can provide you with a variety of suggestions that will improve the overall appearance of your home and provide you with exactly what you’re searching for. We can offer and install necessities like boilers and bathrooms in North Watford, WD24, which can completely change how you feel about your house.

Bedroom Renovations

Our bedrooms are the last thing we see at night and the first thing we see in the morning, not to mention the fact that we sleep in them for nearly a third of our lives. So it’s only natural that we’d want to transform our bedroom into a haven—at least as much of a haven as our budgets will allow. We can help you transform your bedroom into the serene and soothing retreat you deserve with our choice of elegant and practical solutions.

Kitchen Refurbishments

The kitchen is typically referred to as the “heart of the home,” and each customer has unique needs and expectations for their kitchen renovation. Buildify Kitchen Refurbishments specialises in kitchen installation and only uses high-quality materials to ensure the finest potential outcomes for your kitchen installation. We can install it if you have a kitchen.

Bathroom Renovations

Our team has decades of experience in home improvement and construction, so you can trust us to handle every element of your bathroom remodel from start to finish. As bathroom fitters, we work on both renovations and refurbishments. As a result, we are able to accommodate all of your bathroom needs. We understand the thrill that comes with the prospect of designing a new bathroom to your exact specifications. However, you must first determine which service best meets your needs: a renovation or a refurbishment.

Fortunately, visualising the differences between these services is straightforward. A refurbishment entails making the most of what you already have. The current layout and skeleton of the room are usually preserved in projects. Our focus will continue to be on improving aesthetics, adding new features, and enhancing functionality.

Our bathroom fitters delve deeper into the skin during a refurbishment. These renovations normally entail completely gutting your bathroom and rebuilding it from scratch. Of course, this can involve alterations to the layout and planning to create a genuinely unique new bathroom.

The terms “renovations” and “refurbishments” are often used interchangeably. L. Vella & Sons, being a specialist in both, integrates components of each to suit the specific needs of your task. The following items are included in our bathroom installation service:

  • The ease of having a single organisation handle everything from start to finish
  • Transformations of every scale, from minor repairs to complete makeovers.
  • Existing bathroom suites and fixtures are stripped out and responsibly disposed of.
  • Wet rooms, new baths, and showers are all examples of bathroom installations.
  • A one-of-a-kind design that reflects your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle needs.
  • The ability to handle any bathroom design, from traditional to contemporary, with ease
Painting and Decorating

We’ve been offering high-quality finishes for over ten years and have a wide range of decorating experiences. Quality decorating materials must be used to provide a professional result. This is why Buildify House Refurbishments decorators always use Dulux paints because, in our opinion, no other paints on the market are as durable or as aesthetically beautiful. This is the quality that our consumers expect, and it is one that we will continue to strive towards.

Loft Conversions in North Watford, WD24

We develop new rooms as a bespoke solution to fulfil any design aspiration and lifestyle requirement. Your garden will be unaffected because we optimised an existing structure.

Dormer Loft ConversionHip-to-gable Loft ConversionMansard Loft ConversionVelux Loft Conversion
Rear Dormer with Roof terrace loft conversionHip To Gable Loft ConversionMansard Loft Conversion BuildersVelux Loft Conversion or Skylight Loft Conversion
Average cost: £31,000 – £60,000Average cost: £42,000 £65,000Average cost: £45,000 – £75,000Average cost: £21,000 – £63,000
Duration: 4–5 weeks Duration: 4–6 weeksDuration: 7–8 weeks Duration: 4 weeks
Types of Loft Conversions with Costs and a Timeframe.
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Improve your property’s saleability
  • Enhance and enjoy your home’s beauty
Dormer Loft Conversion

Because you are unlikely to need planning approval for this form of loft conversion, it is the most popular. The roof of this sort of conversion might be gable or hipped. A vertical wall from the bottom of your sloping roof is included in a Dormer loft conversion. A flat roof is then erected to meet the vertical wall, allowing us to give the new loft expansion full headroom.

Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversion

These conversions necessitate a greater amount of building work. Before expanding the outside wall of your house upward, our builders must first remove the hipped side of your roof. Then we construct a new horizontal roofing structure that forms a right angle with the enlarged wall—a gable feature. The compartment beneath the rearranged roof has a large amount of floor space.

L-shaped Mansard Loft Conversion

This type of conversion also entails construction work that modifies the structure of your roof. A structural extension replaces the original pitched construction at the back of your home. This roofing renovation provides a new space with a distinct inward slope and a 72-degree gradient.

Velux Loft Conversion

These are the most cost-effective and least disruptive transformations. Our contractors don’t do much in the way of structural work. This is due to the fact that the conversion takes place within the existing structure of your loft. To create a light-filled environment, we only need to install the windows on the current slope of your roof. Rooflight conversions are perfect if you already have a large, open loft.

Why Choose Us

We add value to your project. With over ten years of experience in providing high-quality construction services in London, we can assure you that your vision will be realised, engineered to perfection, and delivered on-time, on-budget, and without defects. You can rest easy knowing that:

• Accurate, fixed-price quote and detailed cost breakdown at the outset—no spiralling costs and no surprises!

• Structural expertise at all stages of construction

• High-quality construction and finishes from skilled designers, construction experts and specialist craftsmen

• Full transparency and communication throughout the project by a dedicated project manager

Buildify is recognised for the timely completion of new construction and renovation projects in North Watford WD24. In the residential, commercial, hotel, and leisure areas, we want to be the contractor of choice. We approach our work with honesty and integrity, and we embrace the chance to create places and spaces that have a positive, long-term impact.

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