Bushey WD23

House Extensions & Refurbishments, and Loft Conversions in Bushey WD23

Buildify is a construction business that provides a comprehensive and professional building service in Bushey. We specialise in loft conversions, refurbishments, renovations and house extensions, but we can handle any type of construction project.

House extension Bushey WD23
House extension Bushey WD23

Loft conversion Bushey WD23
Loft conversion Bushey WD23
House refurbishment Bushey WD23
House refurbishment Bushey WD23

Home renovation Bushey WD23
Home renovation Bushey WD23
  • Brickwork
  • Bathroom Refurbishments
  • Loft Conversions
  • Plastering
  • Tiling
  • Kitchen Refurbishments
  • Painting & Decorating

House Extensions Builders Bushey WD23

There are many various sorts of extensions to pick from, as well as several possibilities. From the original design to the completion of your new house expansion, our company has fully qualified specialists in all sectors.

Double Storey House ExtensionRear House ExtensionSide Return House ExtensionWrap Around Extension
Double Storey house ExtensionRear House ExtensionSide Return House ExtensionWrap Around Extension
Budget per sqm £950 – £1,450Budget per sqm £750 – £1,250Budget per sqm £1,350 – £1,650Budget per square metre: £1,750
Mid-range per sqm £1,550 – £1,750Mid-range per sqm £1,250 – £1,550Mid-range per sqm £1,450 – £1,850Mid-range per sqm £2,250
Luxury per sqm £2,050 – £3,750Luxury per sqm £2,000 – £3,750Luxury per sqm £1,850 – £2,250Luxury per sqm £2,650
Duration: 10 to 14 weeksDuration: 7 to 12 weeksDuration: 8 to 10 weeks Duration: 12 to 18 weeks
Types of House Extensions (It’s crucial to note that the expenses listed here are only for the construction of the extension’s shell; they do not include the cost of any fixtures or fittings.)

We occasionally discover that there is more room available to develop to the side of an end-terraced property than initially imagined, allowing for a side return extension or single storey addition. You may feel the need to expand but are unsure of your options; in these circumstances, we will provide you with free guidance to help you make the best decisions for your property.

If you need a house expansion in Bushey, Watford WD23 that includes a ground floor extension, we can help.

If you need a house extension in Bushey, whether it’s a ground-floor extension for an extra bedroom or a kitchen extension, we can give you a report on the work to be done and a full price breakdown at the meeting before construction begins, and we’ll keep you updated with progress reports all the way.

Home Refurbishment in Bushey, Watford WD23

We design, construct, renovate, and refurbish buildings all throughout the UK. We specialize in creating residential properties that are designed exclusively for modern life.
Our company is dedicated to constructing and maintaining the infrastructure that we all rely on on a daily basis. We gain business by cultivating positive personal relationships, understanding client needs and goals, developing unique solutions, and delivering on our promises.

We give the best solutions for your needs and always deliver to the highest professional standards.
We deliver the service and standards you deserve at the price you want to pay since we have a wide range of skill sets accessible, as well as industry-leading turnaround times at incredibly competitive rates. We also have experience and a “can-do” attitude to back us up.

Bedroom Renovations

Our bespoke fitted wardrobe designs make the most of every square inch of your room, providing the ideal storage solution wherever you need it. Buildify bespoke fitted wardrobes, unlike freestanding and standard fitted wardrobes, do not waste space. Our closets extend from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, providing up to 40% more room than standard fitted wardrobes!

Kitchen Refurbishments

The kitchen is typically referred to as the “heart of the home,” and each customer has unique needs and expectations for their kitchen With wonderfully designed custom-made furniture that’s exactly right for you, we hope to bring your ideal home to life. We have the ability to accommodate a wide range of budgets and realize each and every one of our client’s dreams, in order to bring your bespoke fantasy to reality, with a genuinely endless option of sizes, colors, and finishes.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in any home, and they should serve as both a functional and relaxing space. Buildify Bathroom Installations provides a stress-free bathroom installation service, from the first consultation to assisting with all bathroom equipment purchases and project management of the full bathroom installation.

Our Watford bathroom fitters are extremely skilled and have the capacity to resolve any complications that may emerge during the rip-out or installation of a bathroom. The ability to adjust to these scenarios and still find a solution that retains or improves the original idea is a trait of a great bathroom installation.

Painting & Decorating

In Bushey, Watford, and many other areas in Hertfordshire, we provide a cost-effective painting service. We can handle any request, from minor ornamental touch up to a full house renovation painting and decorating service. The preparation of the walls and ceilings is crucial for a high-quality finish. We can either fill and sand the damaged areas or do a complete plastering job before installing the best wall coverings/paint. On suitable surfaces, any type of paint finish can be applied. We can recommend which paint would be best for which surface in order to get a long-lasting finish.

We utilize the most up-to-date nontoxic, low-odor water-based paints that are gentler on both you and your home. We offer a painting service tailored to landlords, in which we clean the walls and ceilings at the conclusion of a tenant’s stay and prepare the space for a full or partial décor using the most cost-effective and long-lasting paints. Bedroom painting, loft conversion painting, bathroom painting, hall painting, lounge painting, kitchen painting, dining room painting, and other areas of interior design are all covered by us. Transforming your living spaces into a peaceful haven.

Loft Conversions in Bushey, Watford WD23

A loft conversion is an excellent option to accommodate a growing family without having to relocate while also increasing the value of your home. The construction procedure is rather unobtrusive, with scaffolding providing the majority of access. A basic dormer loft conversion costs £31,000 and takes 5 weeks to complete. Our team will collaborate closely with you to maximise the amount of light, space, and storage available.

Dormer Loft ConversionHip-to-gable Loft ConversionMansard Loft ConversionVelux Loft Conversion
Rear Dormer with Roof terrace loft conversionHip To Gable Loft ConversionMansard Loft Conversion BuildersVelux Loft Conversion or Skylight Loft Conversion
Average cost: £31,000 – £60,000Average cost: £42,000 £65,000Average cost: £45,000 – £75,000Average cost: £21,000 – £63,000
Duration: 4–5 weeks Duration: 4–6 weeksDuration: 7–8 weeks Duration: 4 weeks
Types of Loft Conversions with Costs and a Timeframe.
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Improve your property’s saleability
  • Enhance and enjoy your home’s beauty
Dormer Loft Conversion

A Dormer loft conversion will transform your property and boost its value. You can enlarge the area upwards without using any of your home’s outside space with this type of remodeling.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Add a Hipped Roof Extension to your property to completely transform it. This addition will add elegance to your area while also providing additional ventilation and allowing snow and sleet to simply slide off the slanted roof.

Mansard Loft Conversion

In more densely populated metropolitan regions where terraced Add a Mansard Loft Conversion to your property to completely transform it. With both a front and back mansard, you will be able to greatly increase the living space of your home.

Velux Loft Conversion

Make the most of your space by adding a skylight to your loft conversion. Increase the value of your home and property by brightening your room and allowing more natural light in.

Why Choose Us

We add value to your project. With over ten years of experience in providing high-quality construction services in London, we can assure you that your vision will be realised, engineered to perfection, and delivered on-time, on-budget, and without defects. You can rest easy knowing that:

• Accurate, fixed-price quote and detailed cost breakdown at the outset—no spiralling costs and no surprises!

• Structural expertise at all stages of construction

• High-quality construction and finishes from skilled designers, construction experts and specialist craftsmen

• Full transparency and communication throughout the project by a dedicated project manager

Buildify is recognized for the timely completion of new construction and renovation projects in Bushey WD23. In the residential, commercial, hotel, and leisure areas, we want to be the contractor of choice. We approach our work with honesty and integrity, and we embrace the chance to create places and spaces that have a positive, long-term impact.

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